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PostHeaderIcon About Shahlar Askerov


shahlar-esgerov.jpgDoctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor


Was boon in June 15, 1941, Kelbacer Azerbaijan Republic. Married Azerbaijanian. Live in city of Baku


1963 M.Sc. Azerbaijan State University. Baku
1964 -1967 Postgraduate student, Institute of Direct Current, Leningrad 
1970 PhD, Physical and Mathematical sciences Azerbaijan State University. Thesis:”Cathode sputtering of metals by slow mercury ion’’
1992 Academic degree (the highest degree in the USSR (former) next after 
PhD. Baku State University. Thesis: “Influence interfaces no uniformity degrees on electrophysical properties of metal-vacuum and metal-semiconductor structures” 1994 professor


1967 -71 Teacher, Baku State University.
1971 -73 Senior teacher, Baku State University.
1973 - 93 Assistant professor, Baku State University.
1988 - 89 Vice –dean physical faculty 
1991 -2006 Chief -scientist research laboratory of “Amorphous Film” BSU 
1993 Professor of Physical Electronics Department, BSU 
1994 -1995 Vice-rector on international relation BSU 
1995-2006 Member of National Parliament AR
2000 -2005 Chairman of the Parliament Commission on Science and Education
Teaching discipline 
Radiosciences, Electronic emission, Microelectronics, Vacuum sciences
Number of publication 180 (physics), 60 ( philosophy, pedagogical, political sciences), 600 publicist 
Number of monograph 3
Number of books 11
Number of patents 4
PhD students 16
2001: The honored scientist of the Azerbaijan Republic
1999: Order of “Honor” of the Azerbaijan Republic




Cathode sputtering a number of metals was investigated by the mercury ions at low (20-300 еV) energy. Studying of process sputtering in near threshold energy is very difficulty, because value of coefficient cathode sputtering Y (atom / ion) is very low. To overcome this difficulty there was manufactured ion sores allowing receive an ionic current with density 500 мА /sm . It was possible barrier height to register one atom removed with 10000 bombarding ions. For dependences of coefficient of sputtering from the ions energy has been received the formula: Y = k (E - Eo) 
here, Eo -threshold energy of sputtering. For a number of metals experimental values threshold energy are determined. As, reliability of these values was sufficient high, all theoretical calculations (H. Wilhelm, M. Mantenieks) are compared with our data. Influence of a surface microstructure on sputtering has been investigated and was offered the geometrical mechanism of sputtering. Definition of threshold energy of sputtering is important, as for job of ion thrusters and thermonuclear installations such as Tokomak. Was dimensional dependences for parameters of contact the metal - semiconductor are established. It is shown, that main parameters (barrier height, breakdown voltage) diodes Schottky depends on the size of the contact area. For contact метал the semiconductor it is offered new non-uniform model according to which contact is represented as in parallel connected numerous elementary contacts. In view of non-uniform model have been considered the two and three diodes systems were investigated. It is offered geometrical model of breakdown of Schottky diodes. Influence of a microstructure to ohmic behavior of contact was investigated. For increase quality of diodes Schottky was offered for using amorphous film of metals. Was developed technology of reception of a film of metal alloys with amorphous structure. 
For given metal – vacuum interface was found the correlation between such parameters as Richardson constant Ai and work function Фi : 
Ai exp (Фi / kT) = Ş 
The Ş - constant for the given surface is constant and was called emission resources of surface. It is proved, that above mentioned results is true also for surface of contact metal-semiconductors. On the basis of this formula it has been developed a technique allowing will define true value of work function or barrier height among numerous experimental values. As well was found correlation between barrier height and factor not ideality. By using the photo acoustic microscope (FAM) was detected of plastic deformation. Ion-beam technology, cathode sputtering, Emission electronics, Microelectronic engineering, The problems of energy, Vacuum sciences and techniques, the philosophy of knowledge assessment, the philosophy of education, social sciences


1971 Oxford, England; X Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases
1971 Kharkov, Ukraine; All-Union Conference "Interaction of atomic particles with solids” 
1972 Moscow, Russia; All-Union Conference “Interaction of atomic particles with solids” 
1977 Moscow, Russia; IV International Conference on Atomic collisions in solids stability and reliability of microdevices” 
1981 Ryazan, Russia; All-Union Conference “Methods for increasing of particles with solids” 
1981 Minsk, Byelorussia; All-Union Conference "Interaction of atomic semiconductors”
1982 Baku, Azerbaijan; XII All-Union Conference “Physics of 
1982 Kishinev, Moldova; All-Union Conference “Physical bases of reliability of semiconductor devices”
1984 Kiev, Ukraine; VII All-Union Conference “Physics of semiconductor surface”
1984 Ryazan, Russia; All-Union Conference “Methods for increasing of stability and reliability of microdevices”
1986 Kishinev, Moldova; All-Union Conference “Physical bases of reliability of semiconductor devices”
1986 Kaunas, Lithuania; All-Union Conference "Surface diagnostics”
1995 Iran, Tehran; International Conference on Solar Energy
2004 Torun, Poland; Adult Education in United Europe-Abundance, Diversity, Experience
2004 Netherlands; Conference on the right to education and rights in education Critical Look at New Perspectives and Demands” 
2005 Budapest, Hungary; 2nd Education and Open Society Conference “A Critical Look at New Perspectives and Demands, 
2007 Baku, International Conference “Application of Information –Communication technologies in Science and Education” 
2008 Bakı 5 -ci Beynəlxalq Elmi-Texniki konfrans, Milli Aviasiya Akademiyası


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© Baku State University

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